Hand Sanitizer

In response to the COVID-19 virus threat, Kiki Vodka Company is dedicating resources and material to the production of alcohol-based hand sanitizer. A portion of proceeds goes to support men and women on the frontline essential to medical care and safety. Donations will be made to hospitals and care facilities, emergency responders, and grocery and food supply personnel. Their continued commitment is critical to us and we want to show our support to them with your help.

As a result of this shift, production of Kiki Vodka is limited and may be periodically suspended as we focus on this new priority.

Pick-up at our Hatfield Warehouse
Monday through Friday 11AM-6PM at 1500 Industry Road, Unit L, Hatfield, PA

Pick-up at our Pottstown Location
Thursday, Friday, Saturday 1PM-5PM at 300 E High Street, Pottstown, PA 19462

Product Composition

• World Health Organization-recommended formulation
• Liquid consistency
• Flammable
• External Use Only

• 80% ethanol 96%
• 0.125% Hydrogen peroxide 3% • 1.45% Glycerol 98%
• 18.425% Distilled water

CDC Sanitizer Info

CDC recommends at least 70% alcohol content for killing viruses… not common among all off-the-shelf hand sanitizers.

Learn why off-the-shelf sanitizer isn’t always effective.
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Sizes & Pricing

Child-proof cap provided; open spout can be used with spray nozzle or poured.

Full case of of 20 Kiki Hand Sanitizers 16oz bottles (3 case minimum order). 

For commercial orders and inquiries email sales@kikivodka.com.

Instructional Video

View the instruction video HERE!>>