Clean, Smooth & Refreshing Vodka

Simple Refined Premium Vodka.

Award-Winning Vegan, Kosher & Gluten-Free Premium Vodka

Award-winning PREMIUM VODKA

Kiki Vodka is a testament to our unwavering commitment to exceptional quality. Crafted from premium US corn and infused with pure water enriched with essential minerals, our vodka embodies a perfect balance of sweetness and smoothness. With six meticulous distillations and advanced filtration, we’ve achieved a remarkable vodka that stands out in the world of spirits. Our vodka is not just a drink; it’s an experience, and we’re here to raise your spirits and celebrate life’s finer moments.

Low Calorie, Low Sugar
VODKA Seltzer

Kiki Vodka Seltzer is more than just a hard seltzer; it’s a testament to our commitment and quality. Discover the harmony of refreshment and purity in every sip, and let Kiki Vodka Seltzer redefine your canned cocktails expectations and experience. 

80 calories | 3g carbs | 1g sugar from real fruit juice

Vodka + Tea 

Smooth TEA

Where classic flavor meet modern refreshment – this is Smooth Tea. The perfect fusion of real fruity flavors and perfectly brewed black tea, we’ve created a harmonious beverage blend that’s as smooth as it is tasty.

100 calories | 3g carbs | Gluten-Free | No Added Sugar

Award-winning Kiki Premium Vodka

Our process begins with advanced water filtration, infusing it with essential minerals for a perfectly balanced flavor. We then distill premium US corn six times, followed by a three-stage silver and platinum filtration, resulting in a smooth, gluten-free, and GMO-free vodka that delights the senses with its subtle sweetness and silky texture. Our unique process provides the perfect option for featured cocktails, neat or on the rocks.  So Kick Back with a Kiki® at a rooftop bar, beachside lounge, or a casual retreat with close friends.

Our process starts with the most advanced water filtration technology available. To create a perfect balance of purity and flavor, we introduce minerals back into the water.
It is then combined with six times distilled premium corn neutral spirits sourced from the United States.
The final product is refined through a three stage silver and platinum vodka filtration system.
The result is a smooth and mellow premium vodka that is both GMO and gluten free.

DIY ( DO-It-Yourself) 

Signature cocktails

Download the DIY Fall / Winter Cocktail Cocktail Menu to create amazing & delicious cocktails at home! 


Create amazing and delicious DIY Kiki Premium Vodka cocktails at home! 

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